Doin' Uni'

In the midst of the campus, in the midst of a bar, in the midst of an nth beer, in the midst of a lecture I'm not attending, in the midst of an assignment for said subject who's lecture I'm not attending ... a moment of clarity.
University is about two kinds of time. Spending time learning. Spending time proving that you've learned.
Actually that is probably leaving out the main reason some (most) are at Uni. Spending time doing neither of the above. I should invest more time in the third. I'm pressured constantly to achieve academically. This is good for graduating with an impressive transcript, but in the meantime I'm missing life. I'll grab another beer.
While my outlook on life is improving, the quality of my assignment is declining. Oh well. One day out of 5 (days) * 12 (weeks) * 2 (semesters/year) * 3 (years) = 360 ain't bad.
Tomorrow I'm digging holes in my backyard to build my office. I hope this is the start of something new and wonderful. Time will tell. It always does.
That is all.