Quadrotor 2

Parts List

I've created a candidate parts list that I think will fly just from what I've learned from the HobbyKing site and some research.

Frame Kit (1)

Motors (4)

Propeller Sets (2)

Radio Receiver (1)

Servo Lead Set (1)

Flight Controller (1)

Power Distribution Board (1)

Motor Power Extension Lead Set (1)

Speed Controllers (4)

Battery (1)

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack

Battery Strap (2)

Turnigy Battery Strap 330mm

AVR Programmer (1)

5.6mm x 14mm M3 Nylon Threaded Spacer (10pc)

Nylon Spacer Nut Set (1)

M3 Nylon Nut (10pcs/bag)

Will It Fly?

Surely we're talking thrust vs. mass? So what's it weigh? A quick tot up of the parts shows we're running about 800g. At eCalc I try to get a calculation done but there's too much I don't know. I guess I'll take my experience with Rich's quad as all the evidence I need. What do you reckon mate? Same frame, motors and props as yours. How far off can it be?

That is all.


  1. Richard suggested boosting the ESC to 20A to allow a change of motors later. Good thinking.


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