GPS Clock Version 3 Part 8

My goal was to design the veroboard so I could house my Version 3 GPS Clock in the Version 2 case. By cutting a piece to match the size of the previous one and trial-fitting components I finally developed a two-tier design that, with some filing and cutting, might just fit.

Here's a pic of the transfer of components from the old Veroboard to the new.

I also used an Arduino pin-header to stand-off the LED display so that it will fit tightly to the bottom of the case. The 8-pin header is connected to the LED's 8 pins, the 6-pin connector is just sitting flush with the board.

So I got sockets, pin-headers and the RTC soldered in. Powered-up and...


No, it didn't work. All the components powered up. But do you think the time would display? No. I puzzled on this for an hour before realising I had left something out! The three pull-up resistors for the RTC were completely missing! I grabbed the three resistors I needed out of the breadboard and soldered them to the back of the Veroboard. This was necessary to keep the path free to change the RTC battery.

And here's the completed project, back in it's rightful place on my wall.

 I've taken about two weeks to get this minimal post out. The work was all in cutting, filing, designing and soldering up the new Veroboard. That and family commitments minimised the time I could spend. But I don't begrudge that one bit.

That is all.