The BikeComputer ... is a Clock

It's just a milestone along the way, but the bike computer is currently serving duty as a clock. It has a battery back-up (for the display, not the time) and will run for 8 hours or so when not powered from a USB port. It displays the date and time in a screen-saver fashion that moves around the screen. As I hate distractions I've made it move by a pixel a minute - it's barely noticeable.

It has only one functional deficiency at present. It doesn't adjust to/from daylight savings at the moment of roll-over. I'm still researching how this should be done. To that end, I did find that the ExtendedTimer class allows firing on TimeEvents. At this stage I'm planning to check once a day to see if a daylight savings change is occurring in that day and, if so, set up an hourly event to check for the changeover time and have it adjust the time zone at the appropriate moment. I guess if the processor's not overly taxed I should just check every hour.

The next thing is to look at displaying other GPS information, like latitude and longitude. They're kind of easy. The hard bit is going to be stringing together a path and calculating distance along that path. Another easy thing I could do initially is just calculate GCD from home. Then I at least have an on-the-fly calculation telling me how far (as the crow flies) I am from home. Not that it's terribly useful.

I still need to find a code hosting site that allows public read-only access. My Unfuddle site isn't going to allow me to link to my files.

That is all.