A Tower of Power

Almost enough Arduino shields to sink a ship!
The most expensive item is still absent - the GSM card. But hey, it will take months to get all these bits fully explored and coded.

At the moment I'm running down the well-trodden path of building a GPS data logger. The idea is that with a GSM card it will be a GPS tracker/bug. But for now, I need a lot of practice coding and debugging and I'll stick to this.

I've learned a lot about coding for Arduino, some of which I've blogged. Each time I've run into a "blockage" I've stopped and created a Tinker project to explore ways around the bugs. My Tinker list looks like this:
  • Division
  • Enumeration
  • Inititaliser Lists
  • LCD
  • LEDs
  • Miscellaneous
  • New & Delete
  • Non-Member Functions
  • ReturningObjectsFromFunctions
  • Static
  • String
  • Test Driven Development
I think now I'm going to archive all my existing code and build everything from scratch. And by scratch I mean scratch. I will write Int, Float, Char and String classes. Build classes for data types I require like DateTime and Location (latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity, heading, time & date) and of course hardware classes for GPS, LCD, microSD, etc.

There's no time frame that must be met. I only need to be enjoying it. So I'm going to get to it and write it up as often as I can. Oh, and I need a code.google.com account too. If you want to comment on, mark-up, take and use my code that's great.

That is all.